Past Projects

boat Renders sailing s.4296-Recovered.jpg

Zephyr yacht design

In the broader community, the sport of sailing is often underestimated for the physical exercise, intellectual challenges and sense of competitive achievement. This results in lower participation rates than many other sports in Australia. This project seeks to understand the barriers facing people entering and participating in the sport of sailing. Implementing change through the design of a new sailing class. The design focuses on the increasing participation in the sport of sailing, by supporting a new generation of sailors entering the sport, and to incrementally develop skills required for sailing in a supportive and simple manner. 

Sailing blocks

This project involved designing and prototyping a series of blocks for high performance dinghy sailing. With the blocks designed to be as strong, durable and functional for a main sheet of a dinghy. Using solidworks to refine the concept, shape and final design the parts were manufactured out of aluminum billets using a CNC mill and Lathe.



Delta board

With a design brief is to introduce craft and individuality into mass produced product, through the use of materials and processes. The goal is to create a product that uniformly combines the use of traditional industrial design processes, with that of a craft, creating greater depth of design and emotional connection to its user. Looking into one of my passions; kite-surfing, I saw an opportunity to design a board, moving away from the high gloss boards with graphics that dominate the market currently. Introducing super light weight paulownia timber as the core of the board instead of polyurethane foam, reflecting the old craft of shaping and making wooden surfboards. In conjunction with modern processes such as CNC milling. This allows a shape to be created that not only reduces the weight of board with cut-outs, but allows more complex shapes enabling an organic look that can still maintain modern features and shapes needed.

aged care technology- pyhsio pants

With time; the proportion of our aged population grows across Australia and much of the world, and so does our need to develop and expand technologies focused on improving quality of life as we enter our later years.  Focusing on developing assistive technology to improve the core function of mobility, increasing dependent factors such confidence, independence, falling risk and social engagement. 
With substantial research showing increased movement and physical therapy sessions helping with balance, strength and coordination, improving mobility and reducing risk of falling. Therefore using assistive technology in the form of wearable pants to improve mobility in the aging population, through increased movement and correcting movements. This is achieved by measuring and displaying mobility data for tracking of results, immediate movement feedback and data communication tool between patients and physiotherapists. Focusing on incorporating these balance, strength and flexibility exercises into everyday life with assistive technology. 



BEd and cot frames

Rep design has made a series of bed frames and cots. Ranging is size and functionality including draws. All beds were designed in CAD first and made by hand by Kyle.

Cafe racer- re design

In this design studio we were challenged with the task of RE design a heritage brand of motorcycle. Moving from their vintage style and technology to appeal to modern market. First off we conducted our research, to immerse ourselves into the motorcycle culture and the technical detail required to design one.  Moving on; to developing the direction of our concept and our ideas. Using other bikes as bench marks for design packages I developed my ideas and form of my bike with sketching and other forms such as Photoshop. It was once moving into the CAD program Solidworks that my form and the modeling of OEM parts that I was able to better develop the my ideas into a functional bike seen.

bike on stand.47.jpg